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Patio Cover Photo Gallery

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Vibrant White Studio Patio Cover

Thin profile support column studio patio cover.

Studio Patio Cover & Ultra Lattice

Beautiful combination solid studio roof patio cover with ultra lattice extension in rear with grilling and patio dining area.

Stunning Santa Fe Patio Cover

Stunning but simple miter end-cut Santa Fe patio cover over existing patio with "H" column supports and miter end-cut beam.

Santa Fe Front Porch

Beautiful covered porch in ultra lattice Santa Fe style with scallop end-cut rafters.

Wrap Around Under Decking

Beautifully built under decking with fluted square post recessed leaving an extended ledge.

Beautiful Close-Up Composite Deck

Beautiful close-up showing composite upper decking creating under decking area.

Sweeping Vegas Style

Sweeping multi-tiered patio cover with Vegas style backyard garden and retaining walls.

Sweeping Vegas Style Inside

Sweeping multi-tier patio cover with Vegas style backyard. with spacious wrap around patio.

Beautiful Pedestal Columns

Stunning interior view from patio cover with stone pedestal supported Greek style capital top columns and beams.

Patio Covered Bar

Stunning studio patio cover and ultra lattice pergola combination with outdoor bar and dining area.

Lake Side Studio Patio Cover

Picturesque studio patio cover with "H" columns and decorative lantern lights.

Pool Side Santa Fe Patio Cover

Beautiful white ultra lattice miter end cut rafters and beams Santa Fe solid patio cover with "H" supporting columns.

Stunning Teak Patio Cover

Stunning teak wood patio cover with incised round column supports and outdoor kitchen area.

Wood Patio Cover & Pergola

Stunning wood patio cover with beautifully finished beams and combination pergola.

Combination Santa Fe Patio Cover

Great example of ultra lattice patio cover in Santa Fe style with scallop end cut rafters and continued scallop end cut pergola.

Sweeping Comfortable Patio Cover

This beautiful beige patio cover with "H" support columns makes ample room or relaxation and plenty of cool shade.

Cedar Gable Patio Cover

All cedar wood gable roof patio cover with square posts and beams with extended open area.

Lavishly Furnished Patio

Lavishly furnished all wood studio roof patio cover with a deep dark stain finish.

Picturesque Front Porch

Inviting traditional front porch with white railing wood deck and patio cover.

Lake-Side Covered Deck

Beautifully finished wood deck with "H" column supported patio cover.

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