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Sunroom Building in the Atlanta, GA Area Using Fusion Welded Vinyl Frames & Sashes

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Sunroom Building in the Atlanta, GA Area Using Fusion Welded Vinyl Frames & Sashes Most homeowners in the Atlanta area would agree that a sunroom should be constructed to last as long as the home it is attached to. This being the ultimate goal, then, sunroom building contractors should insist upon using the strongest materials that can withstand the harsh Atlanta, Georgia area climate, and still look beautiful for decades.

While building a durable, long-lasting sunroom is not easy, it is possible when you plan carefully and use the right materials. A key challenge with sunroom building is the fact that sunrooms are comprised of almost entirely windows and window frames, so the strength and longevity of your sunroom partially depends on how strong your sunroom windows are.

Backed by years of experience in sunroom building throughout the greater Atlanta, GA area, Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta always uses fusion welded vinyl frames and sashes for our sunroom windows. "Fusion welded vinyl frames and sashes" means that the vinyl used to frame each sunroom window is heated and sealed. This makes sunrooms much stronger in their structural integrity, and the fusion welding process also seals the frames, windows, and entire sunrooms from air and moisture infiltration.

Don't trust your sunroom building project in the Atlanta area to just anyone. Contact Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta today to receive more information about how sunroom building with fusion welded vinyl frames and sashes-as well as other superior construction techniques-can give you a sunroom you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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