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For Replacement Windows in Georgia, Know the Difference between R Value & U Factor

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During your search for replacement windows in Georgia, you will come across several industry terms that you may not be familiar with. Two of the most common terms for replacement windows in Georgia are R Value and U Factor. These terms relate to a replacement window's ability to insulate your home against outdoor temperatures, which is a primary concern for every homeowner, especially considering the rising costs of heating and cooling.

The R value of replacement windows in Georgia refers to the window's resistance to heat being transmitted on either side of the glass. The R value can refer to heat being transferred from outside to inside your home or vice versa. The higher the R value of your replacement windows, the greater resistance those windows will have to heat flow. Consequently, a higher R value indicates a window that provides better insulation.

The U factor (or U value) of replacement windows in Georgia is the rate of heat loss through the window. Since you do not want to lose heat through your home windows, a lower U factor means the window has a better insulating value. Many people believe that U factor is more important in northern states, where during the winter residents do not want to lose heat from the inside of their homes to the outside. Some experts put it this way: the higher your heating bill, the more important the U factor becomes. However, the U factor can also be applied to keeping heat out, which is an important consideration for residents in the south. Typically, replacement windows in Georgia should have a U factor lower than 0.60, but you should consult with your window installers before making a final decision about U factor.

While Georgia is considered a southern state, it gets its share of both hot and cold weather. Replacement windows in Georgia, therefore, should provide excellent insulation during every season. Knowing the R value and U factor of your new house windows is essential before you choose which brand and style of windows to install.

Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta has been installing replacement windows throughout Georgia for years, and we would be glad to answer your questions about both R value and U factor. Please contact our Kennesaw, GA service center for more information about windows as well as many other home improvement products and services in Atlanta, Conyers, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Peachtree City, Duluth, McDonough, Buckhead, Marietta, Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Dunwoody, Roswell, Lawrenceville, and beyond.

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