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House Windows with the Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System: Adding Comfort to Your Atlanta, Georgia Area Home

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When shopping for energy efficient house windows in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you may have been told about the Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System. While it sounds fancy and prestigious, many homeowners wonder what this system is and how it benefits the energy efficiency of their house windows.

It is estimated that more than 50 percent of new windows in Atlanta and throughout North America utilize the Intercept Warm Edge Spacer system. This system is used on house windows that have two panes or three panes of glass. Intercept Warm Edge Spacers are engineered to maintain and insulate the air space in between the panes of glass.

You see, when house windows have two or three panes of glass, the panes must be held apart at a certain distance. Otherwise, if the space is not properly held, the replacement window becomes less energy efficient.

A good spacer system maintains the proper distance in between panes of glass. In addition to its holding power, the Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System is made of materials that reduce heat loss through the window and reduce condensation, too. These spacers also help retain the argon gas that has been placed in between the panes of glass to increase the window's insulating abilities. Finally, Intercept Warm Edge spacers are designed to naturally expand and contract with temperature changes, enabling the panes of glass in your house windows to be flexible without becoming loose and leaky, thus decreasing their insulating power.

For more information about house windows with the Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System and how these windows can benefit your Atlanta area home, contact Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta today. We install house windows across the Atlanta area from Metro Atlanta to Smyrna, Sandy Springs to Buckhead, and Gwinnett County to Canton, GA.

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