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Glass Windows for Homes in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia Area: Try Our Double Pane, Double Strength Insulated Glass

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Since glass typically is not a good insulator, windows by nature are not very energy efficient. Therefore, the windows at your Atlanta, Georgia area home may be responsible for a lot of energy loss, particularly when the outdoor weather is extremely hot or extremely cold. By installing new glass windows in your home, however, you may be able to take advantage of the latest technologies that have made glass windows quite energy efficient.

For example, at Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta, we offer homeowners in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area with glass windows providing the benefits double pane, double strength insulated glass. Our insulated glass windows are constructed with two panes, or sheets, of glass which are placed parallel to each other inside the window frame, with a space in between the panes. This dead air space in between the panes of glass is what gives these glass windows their energy efficient qualities.

How does air space provide glass windows with insulating power? The space prevents the transfer of heat and cold from the outside pane to the inside pane. Therefore, while the outside pane of glass may feel hot or cold to the touch because of its exposure to Atlanta, Georgia weather extremes, the inside pane remains unfazed.

Furthermore, some of our vinyl windows also include argon gas sealed in between the two panes of glass. Argon gas is a nontoxic, clear, odorless gas that further minimizes the transfer of heat and cold in between the glass panes. Argon gas fills make double pane glass windows even more energy efficient.

For more information about installing glass windows with double pane, double strength insulated glass in any home throughout the Atlanta area, contact Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta at our Kennesaw, Georgia headquarters today. We work with customers across greater Atlanta from Suwannee to Smyrna, Buckhead to Douglasville, and McDonough to Rome, GA.

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